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Sensitive muscles jump ahead summer new arrivals! "Map" Step into summer, with more humidity sensitive muscle do you think started relaxation continues with? in fact intense ultraviolet rays will make skin water loss, resulting in a variety of sensitive issues. Immediately introduce you to two sensitive muscle-specific new products, make you feel at ease through the summer. ……

Physiogel antioxidant sunscreen

Should avoid ultraviolet sensitive muscle, Sun steps should not be ignored, but a lot of sunscreen can cause skin allergies, or become a burden to the skin, so when choosing a sunscreen should be wary of ingredients.

Antioxidant sunscreen cream containing sensitive formula without the colors, flavors and preservatives, antioxidant PEA ingredients protect the skin from free radicals cause premature aging, and relieves itching and redness of the skin, eczema and sensitive skin applied.

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Klorane cornflower anti-allergy

Whether cosmetic or sunscreen, and needs to be cleaned thoroughly with makeup or occlusion of residual ingredients will make the pores of the skin, causing problems such as acne, acne. When the Remover, in order to reduce the chance of sensitive situations, mild may wish to choose ingredients and has a soothing effect Remover products.

Cornflower Centaurea cyanus flower behind soothing make up Remover lotion, soothing, softening and anti-inflammatory three effects, mild, without alcohol, dyes, fragrance and Paraben preservatives, can simultaneously make up Remover, cleansing and toning, no flush.